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Our Practice

Our Approach


TCALM  Solutions Ltd  was established in 2014 and is a leading mediation and  conflict resolution service provider in Essex and within  Essex borders. We specialize in managing and reducing conflict. We are dedicated to understanding the issues and assisting all parties involved in a dispute to get a better understanding of their next steps. 

TCALM  Solutions Ltd strongly believe that mediation empowers at a time when  there appears to be limited choices. Our mission is to provide a  safe, calm, and a managed process to discuss the issues. We work with all parties involved in the dispute to make sure that all parties understand their choices and feel empowered to make suitable decisions. 

A TCALM  Solution is competitively priced, professional, time limited, impartial,  confidential, and voluntary.  

Mediation/dispute resolution is an  effective alternative to the court process and  can also run alongside  the court process.  

Legacy of Success


TCALM Solutions Ltd  has a proven track record of success.   Achieving a 100% success rate in reducing conflict around  family (children and financial remedies), special educational needs,  employment and  community disputes.   

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Experienced and Professional Mediators at all Times


Deborah is the lead mediator;  highly trained civil and family Mediator registered with College of Mediators, Family Mediation Council and the Civil Mediation Council.  

Deborah is committed, approachable and helps clients to communicate  effectively, discuss practical matters calmly and reach a fair  agreement. Deborah is successful in assisting disputing parties to move forward in a positive way; whether through a formal agreement which can be made legally binding through the courts. 

Deborah has many years of  experience in conflict resolution. 

Practice Areas


  • Family Separation/ Divorce Disputes
  • Workplace/Employment Disputes
  • SEND Disputes
  • Business Disputes

Lead Mediator

Deborah, Lead Civil and Family Mediator

  • Accredited civil mediator registered with the Civil Mediation Council
  • Accredited SEND mediator registered with the 

Civil Mediation Council

  • Registered with the UK College of Mediators.
  • Disclosure & Barring Service verified  and clear
  • (QTS) Qualified Teachers Status.