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What is mediation?


Time saving & Cost Effective

Mediation is suitable for separation, divorce, child arrangements, employment grievance and any other type of dispute. 

 Mediation is a process where a neutral third party called a mediator assists disputing  parties to resolve  their dispute. A trained mediator uses  a range of techniques to avoid a stalemate situation and find appropriate solutions. 

Mediation is a mixture of separate and joint sessions held in a meeting room.

The first important  step in any mediation is  to open up positive dialogue between all conflicting parties involved in the dispute .  We are extremely successful at helping parties in conflict to  explore all options and to navigate through the red mist of  conflict towards a clear solution that can work for all parties involved.  

Mediation is paid in advance of each session, and the parties are made aware of the number of mediation meetings that maybe required to resolve the dispute.

  Each mediation meeting is normally 2 hours in duration. 


You Decide Your Outcomes

 Mediators are neutral and do not take side. The good news is that you decide the final outcomes of mediation, unlike court, where the judge has the final say. Any agreement made during mediation can be taken to court and turned in to a legally binding order. 

Mediation/dispute resolution is an effective alternative to resolving disputes outside of court but can also run hand in hand with any current/upcoming court proceedings.

  We know that disputes  can sometimes be overwhelming and therefore, we are dedicated to providing a mediation service  which empowers you to explore all options at a time when there appears to be limited choices. Our mission is to provide a safe, calm, and a managed environment for all parties to discuss the dispute and look at positive ways forward.   


Qualified & Professional Mediators

We have mediators highly trained in managing conflict. Our mediators are registered with the appropriate civil and family regulatory bodies. 


The Guiding Principles of Mediation

 Mediation is a voluntary process and anyone, including the mediator, can withdraw from the process at any time.  

Mediation is also confidential; where you decide how and when information is shared with the other party in the dispute.  Exceptions apply where there is a disclosure under the Proceeds of Crime Act and the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children. 

The mediator is neutral and will not take sides.


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