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Essex, March 2019

"Found this process very useful, it has made the whole issue a lot clearer."

Essex, February 2019

"Informative and helpful"

Essex January 2019

"Deborah put everyone at ease and ensured all sides were listened to"

Essex, December 2018

"Very knowledgeable and approachable". 

Essex, October 2018

"A difficult topic but Deborah's input very supportive and comforting. A comfortable venue, excellent mediator, making experience less traumatic than I expected."

Essex, October 2018

"Very positive with this process and handling despite that our differences remain - we have received a fair hearing and a mediator."

Essex March 2018

"Deborah was professional at all times and gave plenty of time for everyone to have their say"

Essex, March 2018

"The mediator was excellent, clarified the system and mediated effectively between both parties"

Essex, March 2018

"Service is excellent. Mediator stayed impartial and was very clear"

Essex, February 2018

"Very polite, understanding. Excellently managed and a possible tense situation relaxed. Would definitely recommend."

Essex, September 2017

"This was a valuable process for everyone to be able to make their point"

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