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Our Civil & employment mediation service

The Civil & Employment Mediation Service


The aim of civil & employment mediation is to reduce conflict and improve communication between the  different parties.

Civil & employment mediation can prevent misunderstandings from escalating to costly disputes through joint  mediation. 

 The mediation process can help towards drafting an  agreement/ settlement/proposal document. 


The Benefits of Civil & Employment Mediation


Reduce work place litigation cases

Reduces the possibility of court action

Reduces conflict between all parties

Cost effective

Time efficient



Solution focused

Appointments that are flexible

All parties decide on the outcome

Improves communication

Time to reflect 

Works in parallel with any formal legal proceedings

  Helps to clear the air between the involved  parties. 

Services We Offer


  • Employee Grievances
  • Employer disciplinary cases
  • Civil disputes (housing, business, neighbourhood, contracts)
  • Draft agreement documents
  • Counselling

The Civil & Employment Mediation Process


Civil & employment Mediation entails  parties attending a separate mediation information and assessment meeting. This meeting is 30-45 minutes in  duration. 

Attending a mediation information and assessment meeting provides the  opportunity for the mediator to assess whether mediation is suitable for both parties and most importantly, for you to gather more information about the next steps and to decide whether mediation can work for you.  

The number of mediation sessions after the mediation and advice meeting will depend on the complexity of the dispute. 

Disputes  can range between 2-8 hours in length. 

We offer 2 hourly sessions. 



Q) I have an issue with my employer. How can I get my employer  to try mediation?

A) TCALM Solutions Ltd can contact your employer on your behalf and ask if they would be willing to engage in mediation.

Q)Do I need an early conciliation certificate from ACAS before making an application to Employment Tribunal ? 

A) You can contact ACAS and request conciliation using the draft agreement made during mediation. If there is no draft agreement you must start early conciliation within 3 months less 1 day from the  date of the issue you’re complaining about. If you’re claiming statutory  redundancy pay or equal pay, the deadline is 6 months less 1 day. 

Q) How long is mediation?

A) Depending on the issue can range between 2 - 8 hours. Each mediation session is 2 hours in duration. 

Q)When do I pay for the mediation sessions?

A) Each mediation session is paid by BACS (bank automated clearing  service)  in advance of the session

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